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Making Money the Old Fashioned Way - Joe Martin

Taking a business from an old lathe and a Bridgeport mill in a garage to a multi-million dollar manufacturing facility.

Foreword - Craig Libuse
I first met Joe Martin when he was just starting Sherline Products in the early 1970’s in the same small industrial complex where I was starting my own graphics business. He needed line illustrations for the instructions for his new tool line, and I was in the right place at the right time. Our association has lasted to this day, and I was fortunate to be able to watch as he took what started as a small business to import tools from Australia and distribute them in the United States and turned it into a major business that now completely manufactures the Sherline product line and distributes it worldwide. He went from one rented 1000 square foot industrial space to a custom-designed 66,000 square foot showplace building housing well over a million dollars worth of production equipment. Joe is a product of the industrial parks that dot our nation. He has learned what it takes to survive in a small business environment and then turn that small business into a profitable venture doing business worldwide.

The growth of his business was not the result of luck or financial trickery…it was the result of hard work, tempered with more than a few hard knocks along the way. He did not climb over the backs of others to get where he is today, but rather brought along others like me to share in the success. Several dozen employees and many dealers around the world make a good living because of his efforts. Many thousands of people enjoy using the high quality tools he produces. Joe has spent the past two years writing about his experiences. Like his first book and the many instructions he wrote, you'll find that this easy-to-read text conveys some very profound thoughts on how to make money “The Old Fashioned Way.”

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Source: Sherline Products Inc.

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